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Septa Completes Installation of Suicide Hotline Signs at All Rail Stations

By Jim Melwert

LANGHORNE, Pa. (CBS) -- SEPTA has now posted suicide prevention hotline signs at all of its subway, elevated, and Regional Rail stations.

The final signs were unveiled today at the Langhorne station, on the West Trenton line, in Bucks County.

The transportation agency started discussing the signs after seeing a rise in suicides on the rail system, according to chief safety officer Scott Sauer.

"We had a high of eleven, just a few years ago, back in 2011," he recalls.  "That kind of piqued our interest in trying to do something about it."

He says that beginning last September and wrapping up with the signs here at the Langhorne rail station, they now have a sign at every rail, trolley, and subway station in the system.

Beverly Schaefer, who lost three loved ones in three years to suicide, attended today's announcement.  She says these signs could potentially save the life not only of someone who might be thinking of jumping on the tracks, but also of anyone who uses the trains.

"Whether they're walking past the station or whether they're on the train, they can pick up their phone and they can call for help.  I just want people to know there is help out there, it's not inevitable," she said today.



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