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Toomey: Majority Of Police Officers Do Not Think Phila. Should Be A Sanctuary City

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Senator Pat Toomey has his differences with his party's presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump, but today he sounded off on a point of agreement: Opposition to illegal immigration.

Toomey called on Philadelphia to end its sanctuary city policy.

Senator Toomey says just because an overwhelming majority of Philadelphians voted for Mayor Jim Kenney, knowing he would uphold sanctuary city status, doesn't mean most Philadelphians agree with it.

In fact, Toomey says, he's sure most of the city's police force disagrees.

"The vast majority of Philadelphia police officers do not think Philadelphia should be a sanctuary city. I'm very confident of that."

Toomey says he bases that on many conversations he's had with many officers. The mayor's office referred questions to the police department and the police department referred questions to the mayor's office.

Toomey was joined by state representative Martina White, who's sponsored a bill to punish sanctuary cities, including Philadelphia, which she represents.


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