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Sen. Toomey Reintroduces Legislation That Would Increase Chances Of Death Penalty For Convicted Cop Killers In Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey says he is hoping to pass the Thin Blue Line Act. Toomey and law enforcement leaders discussed the legislation in Northeast Philadelphia on Monday.

It would make the death penalty more likely for someone convicted of murdering a state or local police officer.

Mumia Abu-Jamal Gets New Hearing In Death Of Philadelphia Police Officer After District Attorney Drops Opposition

The bill passed the House in 2017, but never got a vote in the Senate. Toomey is now reintroducing the bill.

"It's about the criminal that would actually single out and kill a law enforcement officer. That is the most dangerous type of person in our society and that's why this is an appropriate response," Toomey said.

Some civil rights groups oppose the legislation.

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