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Sen. Bob Casey: Impeachment Inquiry Into President Donald Trump 'Grave Matter At Important Moment For Country'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- While some Republicans think the impeachment inquiry is an attempt to destroy President Donald Trump, Democrats say the process is completely serious. There is a lot happening in Washington and Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey stopped by CBS3 to discuss a number of issues, from the impeachment inquiry, to a report that he says warns consumers against deceptive health care plans.

With the impeachment inquiry progressing in the House of Representatives, Casey says no one in Washington is taking any enjoyment taking part in the impeachment process of President Donald Trump.

"The mood is very sober in the sense that no one takes any enjoyment of being part of an impeachment process," Casey said. "No one wants to do that because this is a grave matter at an important moment for the country."

Casey also discussed other plans that he's personally working on, like warning consumers about what is described as "deceptive junk plans" as it relates to health care.

"People can get very confused," Casey said.

In this 13-page report, the Pennsylvania senator describes "junk plans" as short-term health insurance policies that aren't compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

"Someone could be in a junk plan for no longer than three months but now it could be up to three years when they renew it over time," Casey said. "That's bad because these plans don't have protections for pre-existing conditions."

Casey says knowing where to go to find quality plans is key.

"Go to Number two, be aware of the search engine and how they designate advertisements," the Pennsylvania senator said.

The political season is also ratcheting up and social media has had a growing presence in political campaigns. But, most recently, Twitter, decided to stop all political advertising globally. Casey sees this as a step in the right direction.

"Not only will American politicians lie in some political advertisements if they're not checked, you also have Russian interference, foreign interference," Casey said.

Click here for more on Casey's health care report.

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