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Self-Harm Cases On Rise Among Young Girls, Study Finds

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new study indicates cases of self-harm are on the rise among young girls. But getting together -- like many do on Thanksgiving -- can help.

According to a 15 year study of emergency room visits, girls ages 10 to 14 are becoming more and more vulnerable.

"The study says that there's a rise in self-harm and suicide attempts among girls in the United States," said therapist Carol Blum with Council for Relationships. "I think that is because families are more isolated than they have ever been."

Blum  says as face-to-face interactions decrease, anxiety and depression increases.

"What happens is that people are spending so much time on social media and they're comparing themselves to others," she said. "And they're struggling to let go of feelings, and they're using self-harm as a way of numbing feelings instead of letting them go."

Blum says family dinners go a long way -- but you have to unplug and you have to ask each other how you're doing.

"People are alone more and more," she said, "and they're not feeling grateful."

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