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See how listening to Taylor Swift's sad songs could be your new mental health hack

Listening to Taylor Swift and sad songs good for your health, psychologist says
Listening to Taylor Swift and sad songs good for your health, psychologist says 01:25

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many of Taylor Swift's new songs are about breakups and being brokenhearted. Experts say sad lyrics can actually have some health benefits.

Even megastars like Taylor Swift can feel sad and angry and have relationship trouble just like everyone else.

Psychologists say sharing emotional connections can help people feel less alone. 

With her brand new album, Swifties everywhere are united in their love of Taylor - heartbreak and all.

"I think music can be a real conduit for processing our own emotions," Arianna Galligher, trauma expert said.

Galligher says there's an upside to sad songs.

"When we feel sad, I think there, there is a gravitation sometimes towards solitude, but we don't want to feel alone," Galligher said.

The American Heart Association says, broken heart syndrome has ties to depression and mental health and can lead to conditions like heart disease.

But experts say having a connection to someone can bring hope. Even if it's to an artist you've never met.

"Even if no one else knows exactly what you're going through to know that someone else has been through something similar and came out on the other side to be able to sing about it is kind of remarkable," Galligher said.

Studies have shown a good cry can release feel-good endorphins and boost mental health and holding back emotions may hinder your ability to have positive feelings.

Galligher says letting it all out can help you navigate those emotions.

"To notice that relief on the other side of it when you have sort of gotten through it and you start to notice some other feelings rising to the surface, it's almost like a fever breaks," Galligher said.

So, Swifties turn up that music and let yourself feel it. There's no need to shake it off.

And while many of Taylor's new songs are sad it's new material from her which is thrilling Swifties eliciting plenty of happiness. 

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