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Seattle's KJ Wright: 'The Eagles Did Simple Stuff We See All Of The Time'

By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBS) — It seems as if the Seattle Seahawks weren't too impressed by the Eagles heading into their supposed NFC showdown on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field and came away even less impressed, after the Seahawks outclassed the Eagles, 24-14.

The defending Super Bowl champions made it look easy against the Eagles, outgaining them 440-139, the lowest tally in total yards for the Eagles in two years under Chip Kelly.

Perhaps there is a reason why.

"Was it easy, I'll tell you when I was watching film, I was a little surprised how basic their offense was," Seattle linebacker K.J. Wright said. "They're running stretch plays, zone flicks. The Eagles did simple stuff we see all of the time."

Listen: K.J. Wright's interview

"The tempo wasn't a factor at all. [Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn] did a good job of getting the calls in fast and that was able to help identify what play was coming. We communicated out there, like we always do, but the Eagles are a pretty simple team. The Eagles did the same old stuff that they always do. There was no confusion. They throw screens, they tried to hurry-up, but when you're not completing the ball, that's kind of tough to do."

Wright said he thought the Seahawks would have problems with the Eagles' tempo.

"We knew we had them, and once you take away their jab, you have them pretty much beat," Wright said. "We took away what they did best. With stopping [LeSean] McCoy, that guy carries the ball like a loaf of bread. We knew he wasn't going to come out of this game without having a fumble. We pushed it all week of attacking the football."

Wright, whose team improved to 9-4, wasn't about to concede the mantle the Seahawks still own as Super Bowl champions—as still the NFL's best.

"I believe this puts us as the hottest team in the NFL right now," Wright said. "The Seattle Seahawks are the hottest team right now, over the Green Bay Packers. We're the Super Bowl champions. Everyone still has to go through us."

Richard Sherman said the Seahawks have a defense built for shutting down great offenses.

"The Eagles had some plays, but we showed resilience in this game," Sherman said. "They had some big plays. I didn't see them get frustrated. But we're a different team than we were in the beginning of the season. We got healthy. That's a big deal in this league. That's the difference between this year and last year. This is a violent game.

"We're a scrappy team. We're champions. That's something you don't hand out in this league. They don't hand out championships and Super Bowls. When you get that, it's a mentality. It's something that's in you. Thankfully, we were able to win last year because it gave our guys that experience. We've in tough situations, tough fights with great teams. You know how to win those ballgames.

"Don't let this game fool you and say that the Eagles are not good or overrated. The Eagles are a great ball club. But we knew what they were going to do. We knew the indicators and what plays they like to do. Their motion, everything was an indicator. Every movement, every formation was an indicator. That comes from great coaching, great preparation. I'm sure we'll play them again."


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