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Sea Isle City Mayor On Winter Storm: 'Worse Than Sandy'

SEA ISLE CITY (CBS) -- The mayor of Sea Isle City, Len Desiderio, called in to Eyewitness News to give an update on how the shore town is handling this massive winter storm.

"We're experiencing severe flooding and right now our fire department, along with four or five other departments, are fighting a blaze at 42nd and Landis Avenue. They've been fighting it for a few hours and they're trying to contain it. They are trying to save neighboring properties."

He continued, "We're okay, other than this fire that's been going on the past couple of hours. We've also had severe flooding throughout the entire community."

Desiderio says, "This in my opinion was worse than Sandy. Sandy was in the fall, it was a lot nicer, and now we're dealing with unbelievable winds, cold, we had snow this morning and I have to hand it to our fire departments and our neighboring communities that are helping us.  They are doing one heck of a job in saving this block."

No one was injured in the fire at the Avalon Coffee Shop.

"The firefighters are fighting against time because the tide is going to be coming up in a few hours and we have to get this under control and knocked down."

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