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Scranton Man Who Dialed 911 During Alleged Drug Deal Arrested

SCRANTON, Pa. (CBS) – A Scranton man looking to score drugs made a dire mistake on Wednesday that got him arrested.

According to CBS News, Justin Kryzanowski, 24, was arrested on Wednesday after mistakenly dialing 911 on his cell phone during an alleged drug deal. His conversation was recorded, and dispatchers were able to hear Kryzanowski speaking to a man named Rick about narcotics.

Dispatchers immediately contacted police, who reportedly found Kryzanowski at his house. His speech was slurred, and police discovered prescription drugs and syringes filled with Suboxone, an opioid dependence medication, inside.

Kryzanowski's cell phone also matched the one that called 911, and police placed the 24-year-old under arrest.

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