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Science History Institute In Old City Blends History Of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Life Sciences

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- How would you like to get a free history lesson? A Philadelphia museum is offering just that, but it's probably not the kind of history you are thinking about.

The Science History Institute in Old City is a free museum that blends the history of chemistry, chemical engineering and the life sciences in a storybook.

They do this by telling the compelling story of innovators and scientific discoveries that have shaped our everyday lives.

"There is just so many aspects we take for granted because it just gets put in front of us and brings the message home," Chris Newcomer said.

One example is the bakelite breakthrough.

credit: CBS3

"It was the first thing that led us on the revolution to using more plastic," Newcomer said.

If we go all the way before the development of plastics, manmade fibers and colored synthetic dyes that rival the rainbow, some of the earliest practices of science and chemistry looked more like fantasy and fiction --as presented in the museum's Age of Alchemy exhibit.

So what's next for the future of science? That depends on the thinkers.

Watch the video for Vittoria Woodill's full report.

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