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School Nurses Team Up At Lincoln Financial Field

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- All of the nurses in the School District of Philadelphia were at Lincoln Financial Field on Friday, but they weren't there in a last-minute push to make the Eagles roster.

They were becoming certified in the latest ways to administer vision screenings.

The skills assessment and training sessions at the Linc were part of the 7th annual School Nurse Professional Development meeting hosted by the Eagles Charitable Foundation.

The nurses spent time with Kira Baldonado, director of the National Center for Children's Vision & Eye Health at Prevent Blindness, who says all 260 participants were taught the latest training for testing near and farsightedness, color blindness, and stereo vision.

"That 3-D vision that helps catch balls, athletics, and making sure you're seeing things far away and being able to navigate your world. Stereo vision's really important for that," she explained.

Baldonado says identifying vision problems can make a world of difference for a young child who may have trouble reading the blackboard or assignments.

It's also important to test children often, as their eyes are continuously changing as they grow up.

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