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Watch: Scherzer, Harper Create 'Choke Handshake' Mocking Papelbon

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Do you miss him yet?

Bueller? Bueller?

Jonathan Papelbon, who was traded in late July from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Washington Nationals, is already despised by Nats fans.

In last Sunday's game against the Phillies, ironically, Papelbon got into an altercation with the National League's best player and teammate Bryce Harper. It started as Papelbon told Harper, who is hitting .331 with 41 homers and 97 RBI's, to run out a ground ball. It ended with Papelbon's hands around Harper's neck in the Nationals dugout and a four-game suspension by the team, ending Papelbon's season.

Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer and Harper created a handshake mocking the fight between Papelbon and Harper.

The Nationals owe Papelbon $11 million in 2016, but Nats fans want the 34-year-old closer gone as evident by their Twitter campaign. Thousands of dollars were amazingly pledged to get rid of Papelbon.

The six-time all-star and 2007 World Series champion did start his career beautifully in Boston. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is wondering if the Red Sox should considering bringing back Pap.

Good luck with that.

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