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Say What? Biden, Trump To Attend Same Event In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Vice President Joe Biden and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will be in Philadelphia for the same function later this month -- but it's not a political event.

Look for extra security and extra attention when Biden and Trump attend the University of Pennsylvania's School of Arts and Sciences graduation ceremony at Franklin Field on May 15.

"They're not here as speakers," says Penn spokesman Steve MacCarthy. "They're here as family members to celebrate the achievements of children or grandchildren."

Biden's granddaughter Naomi and Trump's daughter Tiffany are among the 1,500 graduates collecting their diplomas. MacCarthy says there aren't typically metal detectors at this ceremony, but there will be this time.

"Our police have already been in touch with the Secret Service," he says. "We work very closely with them. And so we don't anticipate any problems in that regard, other than people will have to allow a little extra time to get in."

MacCarthy says hosting dignitaries is nothing new for Penn, but he couldn't recall having two such high-profile attendees at the same event before.

Biden and Trump are not expected to attend the main graduation ceremony on Monday the 16.

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