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Local Farmers Using Certified Organic Farming Practices To Ensure Products Are Chemical Free

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It's a love story here in South Jersey and not just between two farmers, but between farming and the planet as well. The Savoies are owners of Savoie Organic Farm in Williamstown, New Jersey.

Carol, a microbiologist, and Barry, a former nuclear mechanic, certainly know all of the science when it comes to sustainable and organic farming.

"We grow a variety of different things," said Carol.

Savoie Organic Farm utilizes the sun's rays to provide energy for their agriculture.

They use certified organic farming practices to ensure their products are chemical free. Other green farming methods include cover cropping, soil rotation, and the use of organic compounds to protect from bacteria and other diseases.

Carol and Barry also use high tunnels, another sustainable farming method, to grow things like tomatoes, basically an umbrella for their crops, making 99% sellable.

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"If you grow a tomato on your garden, and it's got a little nick and crack in it, a little black spot on it, you'll cut it off and say, 'What a great tomato,' but nobody will buy it. They only buy the best. Therefore, it's not that I get more tomatoes, I get more marketable tomatoes," said Barry.

Where can you purchase their organic goods and greens?

"We do sell at several local farmers' markets in the area. On Sunday, at the Headhouse Square. May through November, every Saturday, we are at the Collingswood Farmers' Market. Ocean City every Wednesday and starting this year we will be at the Oculus Plaza," said Barry.

"It's not only just our livelihood, but it's an honest way of living," said Carol.

At Savoie Farm, it's farming with a purpose, a purpose to feed people, while protecting the planet at the same time.

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