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Bethlehem Sands Casino Customers May Have Been Affected In Hacking Scheme

By Tim Jimenez

BETHLEHEM, Pa., (CBS) -- The casino giant Sands is now looking into an 11-minute video posted online, appearing to show critical company information -- all part of an apparent hacking scheme that forced them to shut down their websites for six days.

KYW's Tim Jimenez reports those who play at the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania location may have been affected.

A Sands spokesman says player information from the Bethlehem casino was displayed on the video the hackers apparently put together. Dozens of administrator passwords, some for slot machine systems, also appear on this 11-minute clip, along with a diagram of the company's networks.

Sands officials have not commented on whether the hackers used the player information, and what those people can do right now.

Officials say the attack took place last Monday, when images appeared on their websites condemning Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson, who spoke about using nuclear weapons on Iran.

Company officials first thought only their email system and employee social security numbers were compromised, until the video came out.

The FBI, Secret Service and Nevada's Gaming Board are also investigating.

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