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Sanders Supporters Speak On Wasserman Schultz Resignation

by Trang Do

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The resignation of Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the talk of the town Sunday, ahead of the Democratic National Convention this week.

Bernie Sanders supporters, gathered at FDR Park, cheered the Florida congresswoman's decision to step down from her DNC post, amid the massive leak of DNC emails showing favoritism of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders as the nominee.

"I don't think she could have been impartial from the beginning," Rebecca Brooklyn, a Sanders supporter from Vermont. "So I think we're glad that she's willing to do that."

"She's up against a wall, she's been completely outside of the legal bounds of the DNC's charter to run a fair primary season," Kent Eaton, another Sanders supporter from Vermont. "Clearly, not the case."

At a DNC welcome party at Woody's Bar, delegates supporting Clinton agreed it was the right decision.

"I think after the recent scandal that it is the right move, to wipe the slate clean and to move forward with a new chair," said Rep. Chris Sgro, a delegate from North Carolina. "We're going to come together behind Hillary leaving Philadelphia this week. I'm certain of that."

"Our primary objection is to beat Donald Trump, and we can't have dissension in the party if we want to accomplish that goal," said Florida delegate Bryan Farris.

Still, both Clinton and Sanders supporters said this shouldn't be the only action that comes out of the leaked emails.

"The party should demonstrate that those things, if they are true, cannot happen again because we are for everybody," said Ada Conde, a delegate from Puerto Rico.

"These wiki leaks give us proof that this is what happened and hopefully it's a movement in the right direction, but there's a lot of progress to go," said Garet Bleir, who travels around with a cardboard cutout of Sanders.

Bleir also mentioned that many Sanders supporters aren't ready to put their support behind presumptive nominee Clinton just yet, and are seriously considering backing the Green Party candidate.

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