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Sanders Delegates Upset Over Clinton's VP Pick Discuss Action

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - An independent group of delegates supporting former Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders are so unhappy with Hillary Clinton's choice for vice president, that they are talking about challenging the pick on the convention floor.

The Bernie Delegates Network includes 1,250 delegates -- about two-thirds of all the Sanders delegates. They're independent of the campaign.

Network coordinator Norman Solomon says the choice of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine ignores the principles Sanders supporters fought for, and...

"There are very serious discussions going on about a challenge on the floor to the vice presidential pick."

Solomon says the group disagrees with Kaine on issues including abortion rights, coal fired plants, right to work issues and the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement.

What would a floor protest look like?

"There's talk about walking out of the vice-presidential or presidential acceptance speech," Solomon says. "There's talk about total silence, remaining seated, turning backs..."

He says Clinton's VP choice shows contempt for the progressive wing of the party.

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