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Sam Bradford's Agent Says He Wants To Go Somewhere And Be There Long-Term

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Reports have varied regarding Sam Bradford's status with the Eagles.

When the Eagles acquired the 2nd overall pick last week, it was clear that the team had the quarterback position on their mind. Some reports had Bradford ready to prove himself to the Eagles and earn his standing as the franchise guy, even with a young rookie in the fold.

Others had Bradford set to ask for a trade.

On Monday night, Broncos reporter Mike Klis reported that the Broncos reached out to the Eagles regarding Bradford, but the price tag was a bit too rich for the Broncos

Bradford's agent, Tom Condon, also added some fuel to the trade fire as a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday night.

"He was excited about signing back with Philadelphia," Condon said. "I don't think that anyone foresaw the second pick in the draft." Condon explained that Bradford has only been in the NFL six seasons.

"He wants to go someplace and be there and know that he's going to stay as long as he plays well and his situation now in Philadelphia is different."

Condon said that he understands the move from the Eagles standpoint and that nothing coming from Bradford is personal.

"Sam wants the opportunity to try and go someplace and not only be the starter, but also be the starter there long-term." Condon explained that if Bradford were to stay in Philadelphia, he would essentially be a short-term player and that every player in the locker room would see him as such. He also characterized it as an uphill battle for Bradford if he stayed and tried to beat out the eventual 2nd overall pick and earn another deal with the Birds.

"He doesn't view himself as somebody who is a stop-gap kind of a quarterback and he wants to go someplace and take a chance on being with a team for a long-time.

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