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19-Year-Old Student For Next Rutgers Head Football Coach?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Ben Kautz is the latest candidate to become the next head football coach at Rutgers University.

If you're not familiar with the name, that's probably because Kautz is a 19-year-old Rutgers student whose coaching experience solely consists of leading a recreation basketball team and playing video games.

However, if you take a deeper look, Kautz is an astonishing 58-11 with one championship in three seasons with his Boys and Girls Club basketball team. In 2013, Kautz was named coach of the year after a remarkable 22-1 season.

Rutgers Associate Athletic Director Geoff Brown says Kautz is his top option to become Rutgers' next head football coach. Now, Kautz must await word from athletic director Patrick Hobbs.

The knock on Kautz is his new-school offensive philosophy, that some caution contain the same flaws as Chip Kelly's. In fact, Kautz told 94WIP's Joe Giglio via that he runs a "Chip Kelly-esque offensive scheme."

"I believe that my offense combines the fast pace of Chip's offense with a dominant power run system," Kautz told "I believe this is an offense that no one has seen before, and I believe it will excel at the highest level."

Kautz is not an experienced recruiter, but his confidence is what sets him apart.

"My charisma mixed with my love for pork roll (Taylor Ham), egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches will leave these NJ recruits a want to commit to Rutgers," Kautz said.

If Billy Heywood can do it with the Minnesota Twins, why not Ben Kautz with Rutgers football?

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