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Delaware County Church Brings Online Humanitarian Operation To Help People Of War-Torn Ukraine

SWARTHMORE, Pa. (CBS) -- The response for donations to help the people of war-torn Ukraine has been overwhelming across the region. More people wanting to help are stepping up in Delaware County.

The volunteers are back at it. It's Monday morning and the conversations are lighthearted and friendly at Holy Myrhh Bearer's Ukrainian Catholic Church.

But their work for people on the other side of the world is serious business.

"We feel that it's all family," Father Daniel Troyan said. "No matter who's over there. Whether they're Ukrainian or not Ukrainian, living in Ukraine, we want to help as many people as we can."

Since the war's outbreak, Troyan's parishioners have brought online a well-oiled humanitarian operation that hums with compassionate efficiency.

Maryanne Schloss says most of the donors were unfamiliar with her church until recently.

"They never knew we were here," Schloss said. "But they see on TV, they see the suffering. We have to help them."

Over the course of their weeks of worth, there are 150 volunteers here. People are doing this because it's what they feel they can do to help.

Helen Gottschalk was at the church Monday. The plight of refugees from Ukraine is sadly all too familiar.

"We had to escape because of the Germans coming through," Gottschalk said.

She was 4 when her family was forced to flee Ukraine.

"We actually started by train from Ukraine to Poland," she said. "Then we went to the Czech Republic. Then we went to Hungary. And then ended up at a displaced persons' camp in Austria."

For now, the work goes on, helping hands tending to heavy emotional business, knowing someone is waiting for these bandages and supplies.

For these folks in Swarthmore, there are countless "thank yous" and "God bless yous" exchanged.

They say they're doing their part, and for that, it brings them happiness.

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