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Roy Halladay Gets Pulled Over Twice And Shares Pictures Of Both

By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We live in the selfie era and pictures of almost everything we experience in our day-to-day lives exist somewhere. Former Phillies ace Roy Halladay gave us not one, but two glimpses into a occurrence we can all relate to.

On Tuesday, Halladay shared a selfie and a picture of a speeding ticket he received.

Halladay had a sense of humor about the whole thing as he referenced his newly stained driving record. You also have to appreciate the use of "#protectnserve."

While we've all been there, Halladay may have experienced something that very few have when it comes to getting pulled over.

A few hours later, Halladay posted this photo.

Once again, Halladay shows off his comedic side referring to himself as "the washed up pitcher."

Halladay's Twitter account has become a great glimpse into the thoughts and actions of Halladay. Back in January, Halladay shared a very sneaky photo that he snapped with a fan and in June he shared some thoughts about his future aspirations in baseball.

When it comes to Twitter, keep it coming Doc.

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