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Main Line's US 30 Targeted For Crackdown on Aggressive Driving

By Brad Segall

ARDMORE, Pa. (CBS) -- Law enforcement authorities in three counties are turning up the heat on aggressive drivers along a heavily traveled roadway through the Delaware Valley.

Traffic engineers say US Route 30 (known along various stretches as Lancaster Avenue and Lincoln Highway) is the kind of road that tries a driver's patience.  It's an historic road not designed for today's volume of cars, with numerous traffic lights and very few left turn lanes.

Between now and the end of the week, police will crack down on aggressive behaviors along the Route 30 corridor in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties.

"If you speed excessively, tailgate slower vehicles, race to beat red lights, run stop signs, weave in and out of traffic, pass illegally, or fail to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicle, you are an aggressive driver," says Lou Belmonte, a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation traffic engineer.

The "HEAT on 30" enforcement is part of a statewide crackdown on Route 30, from the Ohio border to the New Jersey border.  Penndot says the number of aggressive driving accidents and fatalities was up last year from the year before.

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