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Rose Bridge Farm and Sanctuary teaches kids about basics of farm science

Montgomery County farm and sanctuary teaches kids about basics of farm science
Montgomery County farm and sanctuary teaches kids about basics of farm science 01:38

DRESHER, Pa. (CBS) -- A farm and animal rescue in Montgomery County offers lessons on caring for farm animals to kids of all ages. 

The place is overrun with cute animals, but Rose Bridge Farm and Sanctuary is about more than cuddling baby animals. Farmers there also teach kids the basics of farm science. Farmer Natalie Harkins said kids can learn how to care for animals just by looking and listening. 

"They start to learn that when the goats wag their tails that means they're happy, and they can tell when they want to be put down and when they are uncomfortable, so they will make a certain noise," Harkins said,

At the farm, kids learn concepts that keep their kids' minds active during summer break. Twelve-year-old Sophia Weaver came to the farm in Dresher from Chalfont. She learned about animal behavior by feeding the baby cows. 

"They'll, like, push into the bottle while you're feeding them, so you want to hold the bottle off to the side," Weaver said.

This farm does more than teach. It is also a rescue. 

The farmers at Rose Bridge said some of their baby cows were underweight when they were saved from a meat factory.  

"I love that there are places like this that are going to take care of the animals that have been starved," said Sophia's mother, Maria Weaver. 

Maria added that one hour at this farm left her children with important lessons about living things.

"Definitely take care of them the way they like to be taken care of and respecting their space, and also just learning because these are animals that we don't see every day. So just, like, being able to be in their environment is an experience in and of itself." 

The lessons did not stop there. Families can also go on goat hikes, take goat yoga and learn how to grow food. Rose Bridge has sessions several days a week. 

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