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Romney Visits Delco Trucking Firm To Seal Support Among His Pa. Faithful

By John Ostapkovich and Diana Rocco

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) -- On the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney rallied with his supporters today in Delaware County.

Call this "red meat in search of a red state," as Romney and Florida senator Marco Rubio smacked the Obama legacy on all fronts.

The crowd in a Chester Township, Pa. trucking warehouse roared its approval for less crippling EPA oversight, more military spending, and using America's vast in-ground energy resources.  But perhaps the biggest target was health care.

"If I'm elected," Romney said, "I will do everything in my power to stop Obama care in its tracks.  Let me tell you some of things that I'll do. Number one, I'll grant a waiver from Obama care to each one of the 50 states. You see, the president has been doing that to his friends.  He grants the waivers to various unions and so forth that supported it, and so I'm going to grant that to all of the states.  Many states will take advantage of this.  Then, I'll go to work to get it repealed all together."

Rubio talked about numerous issues including achieving the American Dream and what it was like growing up as a Cuban American to immigrant parents.

The Latino vote is critical for Romney in this upcoming election. President Obama brought them out in record numbers four years ago and it's an area where Rubio is strong.

Former Pennsylvania US senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP presidential primary race two weeks ago (see related story), clearing the way for Romney's likely nomination.

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