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Romney Rallies Thousands Of Supporters In Bucks County

By Dan Wing

YARDLEY, Pa (CBS) -- Mitt Romney made a campaign stop in Bucks County on Sunday evening. Pennsylvania was one of four states the Republican candidate visited on a busy "eve" of election eve.

The Republican challenger was met with a rousing welcome by a crowd of thousands when his bus pulled up to Shady Brook Farm in Yardley. Braving frigid temperatures, Romney's supporters chanted slogans such as "Two More Days," and "Send Him Home" in reference to President Barack Obama, who Romney believes has not done enough to help America's business owners.

"For the first time in four years," Romney said, "every entrepreneur, every small business person, every job creator will know that the president and the government of the United States likes them and loves the jobs and higher wages they bring to our fellow Americans."

Romney attacked President Obama and his four years in office, telling his supporters that the nation is primed for a comeback, but only with the right leadership.

"Does anyone worry that the last four years are the best we can do?," Romney said. "Is there anyone who fears that the American dream is fading away? If there's anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better paychecks are a thing of the past, I have a clear and unequivocal message: with the right leadership, America is about to come roaring back."

The rally was part of an eleventh-hour Republican push to win Pennsylvania, a state that has voted for the Democratic candidate in the last five presidential elections. Romney's running-mate, Paul Ryan, campaigned in front of 2,500 supporters in Central Pennsylvania a day earlier.

Romney also made stops in Iowa, Ohio and Virginia on Sunday.

President Obama also campaigned through four states on Sunday: New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado.

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