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Mayor Kenney Enters 'Rocky Bet' With Mayor Of Brockton, Massachusetts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It's traditional for mayors from the cities competing in the Super Bowl to make a bet on the outcome, but when the Patriots are playing, the opponents have to get creative.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, true to his Irish heritage, is superstitious. He bet on the Pats a couple of times and they lost, so he stopped, and then they started winning.

Now, he thinks the bets were a jinx and he won't participate. But the mayor of Brockton reached out to Mayor Jim Kenney this week at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and offered a Rocky versus Rocky wager: Brockton has a statue of Rocky Marciano. Philadelphia, of course, has Rocky Balboa.

The Rocky in the losing city will wear the winner's team garb. Kenney also put up a keg of Yards beer against a case of Stockton's Rocky Marciano wine.

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