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'Bring My Dog Back, Please': Man Bound To Walker Pleads For Safe Return Of Dog Stolen From Outside Holmesburg Wawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Mayfair man bound to a walker had his beloved dog stolen from him in broad daylight on Saturday. The man spoke with Eyewitness News and wants nothing more than to be reunited with his best friend.

"Who does this? Who takes someone's dog?" Rob Holz said. "What are his intentions?"

The Wawa at Sheffield and Frankford Avenues in Holmesburg is Holz's spot. He comes there daily with his 3-year-old dog Max. On Saturday, he says he decided to grab a coffee after securing the pup outside.

Holz not only wears a brace after recent surgery on his back and neck but now also requires a walker.

Around 2 p.m. Saturday, he says the lovable part Rottweiler, part mastiff was gone.

"When I come out," Holz said, "people are petting him and people are loving on him. Nobody's ever tried this before. nobody's ever tried this before."

Holz ties Max to a bush, something he says he does "literally every single day." When he came around the corner at Wawa, he says he saw somebody walking his dog down the street.

"The kid sees me, I see the kid, and this is where he starts running. He ran that way down Meridian [Street] toward Torresdale," Holz said.

Wawa's security cameras captured an image of a man leading Max away.

philadeplhia police
(Credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

Information remains limited, but police continue to look for whoever untied the dog.

"To think someone would [do this] in the middle of the day? In the middle of the day," neighbor William Seemiller said. "I'm shocked. I honestly can't believe it."

Now Holz is heartbroken. He says whoever did this saw him in his condition and knew he'd be unable to give chase.

"Just bring my dog back, please. He's well-cared for, he's not being beaten," Holz said. "I don't know what your intentions are, but please just bring my dog back."

Holz asks anyone if you know anything about the whereabouts of his dog to contact the police or ACCT if he's turned in.


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