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R'Nel: Politicians Engage In Police Brutality

By Gary R'Nel

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The total and wonton disregard for the mental hygiene of the New York City Police department is so glaringly apparent. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's public comments in the aftermath of the decision not to indict NYC police officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of suspect Eric Garner are disrespectful and unwise.

De Blasio not only inferred, but proselytized that cops, all 22,000 of them, needed to be retrained in the art of suspect apprehension.  The Socialist mayor indicted and convicted every cop of using indiscriminate and, at times,unacceptable tactics while making an arrest. The Mayor did not parse his words.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton did not parse his words either. Bratton stood stoically at de Blasio's side and, by his unadulterated silence, supported the Mayor's rant. Later, Bratton would say that the department needs to review its arrest protocol.

Patrick Lynch, president of the police union, says "police officers feel like they are being thrown under the bus." Lynch's observation is indisputable, New York's finest have been demonized and betrayed by public officials and certain members of congress alike.

Internet chatter among cops now suggests that some will no longer make arrests in cases involving low level crimes or quality of life issues when there is any resistance. They do not want to risk indictment or put their careers in jeopardy.

Several minority lawmakers want to invite members of Michael Brown's and Eric Garner's family to next month's State of the Union address.  I have a suggestion. Why not invite hero cops who have risked their own lives to save ours? What a novel idea.

Vilifying the NYPD and police departments across this country is misguided. Asking for review of police procedures is appropriate.


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