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RNC Spokesperson Defends Trump TV Newscast

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Republican National Committee Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany defended a video newscast she participated in for Trump TV on President Donald Trump's website that was compared to foreign state-run propaganda by critics, telling Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that goal was simply disseminate encouraging news to supporters about Trump.

"What was surprising is the negative reaction to what was, essentially, just positive news about Trump, truthful positive news about Trump. Not all news has to be negative. It can be positive. I know the mainstream media doesn't understand that, but there's a lot of good going on and Americans deserve to hear about it and that's all we were trying to do."

She said the video was produced by the campaign and is not affiliated with the White House.

"It's separate from the White House. It's separate from the RNC, so in my new capacity, we're not working on this endeavor, but it is the Trump campaign, so Trump 2020 that has put this out there. It's just positive news in line of what we've seen come out from Robbie Mook with the Hillary Clinton campaign or Stephanie Cutter with the Obama Administration, that was in the middle of his two terms. We have seen this before but, of course, when Trump does it, it has to be treated as something new and some that is aberrational."

McEnany also accused most media outlets of treating Democrats differently than they treat Republicans.

"We have seen, time and time again, the mainstream media colluding with Democrats and, let me tell you, when you're a Republican, it's not quite the same. They call them the adversarial press for a reason because they are adversarial oftentimes with Republicans in Congress, with a Republican President, but for some reason, that adjective that's supposed to describe the press drops away when you're dealing with Democrats and they are just another wing of the Democratic Party."

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