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Adventures With Purpose Confirms They're Working On Richard Petrone, Danielle Imbo Case From 2005

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Doug Bishop of Adventures With Purpose, a search and recovery dive team dedicated to helping families find missing loved ones, confirmed to CBS3 Tuesday morning that his team is working on the 2005 Richard Petrone, Danielle Imbo case. The couple vanished from Philadelphia 17 years ago. 

They were last seen leaving a bar on Philadelphia's South Street in the late hours of Feb. 19, 2005.

"I know the FBI's position is that there was foul play and that the vehicle has somehow made it to a chop shop, however, there's no actual information leading to suspect those types of conclusions," Bishop said. "So, our specialty is water, we know we have a couple that's missing and missing with their vehicle and we're going to do what we do best."

Bishop and his team found human remains in the Darby Creek last weekend that could solve the cold case of a man that went missing in 2003. They found the remains submerged in a vehicle near a Ridley Township Marina in Delaware County.

Officials have not yet identified the remains, but Bishop and family members believe the remains allegedly belong to James Amabile, who disappeared in 2003.

Bishop said Adventures With Purpose got involved in the Amabile case after their supporters reached out to them.

"We have about 20 million viewers per month," Bishop said. "And they know our ability. They know the resource that we provide families, so they reach out to us and let us know about cases in their area." 

Adventures With Purpose is based out of Oregon, Bishop said. Right now, they're on a 40-day road trip investigating 22 cases across the United States.

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