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Rich Zeoli Talks To Federalist Writer About Vaccines

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Rich Zeoli talked with Ben Domenech, from the Federalist, on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the political debate over mandating vaccines for children.

Domenech said we have a problem in our culture where bad choices, like not vaccinated your children, are no longer permitted to be ridiculed publicly.

"We've eradicated the ability of public shame to have its proper effect. In this society, where were not supposed to judge anybody's life choice as being less valid than others, where everyone is a unique and wonderful snowflake. It's kind of the idea of the death of expertise. It's this throwback to college age hippies saying, 'that's just like your opinion man.' I think that in a healthy society, you can have people that make stupid decisions where the rest of us sort of point and say, 'hey that's a stupid decision. This is why you shouldn't do that.' Yes, are they free to do that? They should be free to do that. I hope their kids don't suffer as a result. I also think this is a situation where, when that gets out of whack, there's all sorts of things that happen as unexpected consequences and this is just another one of those unexpected consequences."

He believes the issue is also being twisted for political reasons.

"Now, we're exploding this into a much bigger argument, and there is a tension between personal liberty and the ability to direct the upbringing of your children and government power but, unfortunately, this is just being used by the media to, once again, try to change the conversation away things that actually matter and that are actually pressing and turn it into a 'how can we blame this problem on conservatives.'"

Domenech continued that the media will continue to use stories like this against Republicans.

"The sad the part is I think, unfortunately, the media is doing a very good job of painting this of being the responsibility of just one political corner and I think they are doing it very purposefully to try to exploit this as being just another 'people in the right don't believe in science. They don't believe in vaccines. They don't believe in listening to your doctor, or all these other things,' and then extend it to everything else. When it comes to climate, when it comes to Obamacare, pick your subject. They want to be able to have a monopoly on truth and facts and science and they're willing to press any story they find in order to achieve that."




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