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Revolutionary War Battle Of Germantown Re-Enactment On Saturday

By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Although we won the Revolutionary War, we lost several battles, including the Battle of Germantown on October 4th 1777. It'll be re-enacted on Saturday, not once, but twice.

The Redcoats were outnumbered, but they managed to beat back the Continental troops. It didn't hurt that the British were holed up in Cliveden, a stately mansion that turned out to be a mighty fortress, thanks to its 2 foot thick Wissahickon Shist stone walls. Historic Germantown Executive Director Barbara Hogue says that's where the re-enactment takes place.

""We transfer this sort of bustling 21st Century Street of Germantown Avenue into an 18th Century battlefield."

More than 300 re-enactors armed with cannons and muskets will bring the battle to life:

"It's very loud -- it definitely gives you the sense of what it was like here in 1777."

To hear more, listen to the podcast:


The battle will be re-waged at noon and 3 as part of the Revolutionary Germantown Festival, which starts at Cliveden at ten:

"After the battle, we all retire to Grumblethorpe, which is another one of our historic homes, for their Octoberfest."

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