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Revenue Negotiations Drag On At PA Capitol

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) --  A week after Governor Wolf allowed an underfunded budget bill to lapse into law, there was still no indication Monday that a deal on plan to pay for it was coming together.

Governor Wolf has allowed the budget bill to become law without his signature. But budget companion legislation known as "code bills" – such as the public school code -- have yet to be sent to the governor.

The state Senate returned to session Monday but ended up with nothing to show for it, in terms of advancing those companion bills. And there was, of course, no action on revenue legislation.

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The top-ranking state Senator, Republican Joe Scarnati, said he believed having the Senate back in the Capitol was important to bringing about a resolution

"As much as I'd like to, you know negotiate a budget in my back yard, it doesn't work that well and so we need to be here," he said. "And so that's why the Senate chose to come back."

But in what may be a sign of the divergent thinking among legislative leaders negotiating the revenue package, the House was not in session Monday.

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