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Research Finds Women Recover From Breakups Faster Than Men

BETHESDA, MD (CBS) – Breakups are tough on everyone, but according to a study, men take longer to recover from the loss than women.

The research was published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

The study's findings are based on input from over 5,700 men and women from 96 countries.

Three-quarters of all participants experienced multiple breakups, and researchers found their responses differed significantly by gender.

Researchers say women initiated breakups more frequently, and rejected individuals experienced higher post-relationship grief levels than those initiating the breakup.

Study Author Craig Morris tells HealthDaily,"At some point, clearly, women get over a breakup. They will discuss in great detail the pain, the suffering, the misery, but they are talking about it in the past."

Men, on the other hand, don't seem to process breakups the same way.

"When you talk to a man about a breakup, you can see he is still there. The anger. The disappointment. There was never any end to this for him. Most men never use the phrase, 'I got over it.'"

He adds, "Women may have more initial pain due to an anxiety and fear response to the breakup. Being physically alone may drive those feelings for women."

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