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Republican Mayoral Candidate Melissa Bailey Casts Her Ballot In Society Hill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Republican candidate for Mayor in Philadelphia, Melissa Murray Bailey, cast her ballot Tuesday morning in Society Hill. She has the odds stacked against her - a 7 to 1 registration advantage for the Democrats - but she feels like she's made an impact on the race.

Bailey's husband and sister waited outside of the polling place, the Society Hill Dance Academy, , as she entered the voting booth with her young daughter Cricket.

"Well I pressed the button 221," says Bailey, "or Cricket pressed the button 221."

And even though there hasn't been a Republican Mayor in the city since 1952, Bailey says she's built momentum down the stretch.

"You just do everything you can. You just have a message that resonates with the people and when your message resonates then party lines don't matter as much."
She feels like she's had a strong push to end the campaign.

"It's been a great week," says Bailey. "We've gotten to see so many voters in the last stretch and people have really encouraging things to say and people do want to see something different in Philadelphia and they know that's what I bring to this race."

Bailey is up against front runner democrat Jim Kenney along with two independents and a socialist.

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