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Report: New Jersey Drivers Among Best In Country

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Despite perceptions from neighboring states, New Jersey drivers are actually some of the best in the nation, according to a report.

The Garden State, according to, has the seventh best drivers in the country.

The report says, "The statistics may be a surprise to you… or maybe they will confirm what you knew all along."

The rankings for the study are based on statistics by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The report says states were ranked according to several categories: fatalities rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, failure to obey, drunk driving, speeding and careless driving.

"For example, the state with the worst rating for Careless Driving (highest percentage of Careless Driving-related fatal crashes), Florida, earned just 1 point in this category, and the state with the lowest percentage, North Dakota, received a score of 51 (the District of Columbia is included in these rankings). The lower the score, the worse the state's driver ranking."

The report says the state with the worst drivers is Montana. And sorry, Delawareans, but drivers there were ranked the ninth worst.

But there is some good news for the first state, according to the report "Delaware was dethroned as the #1 Careless Driving state by Florida."

To see the full list, click here. 


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