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Report Highlights Food Safety Violations At Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field And Wells Fargo Center

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pink slime, unsanitary conditions and mouse droppings are just some of the findings of an ESPN report into stadiums across the country, including three in Philadelphia.

ESPN's Outside the Lines reviewed and collected more than 16,000 food-safety inspection reports from health departments that monitor the 111 professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey facilities across North America.

Reports from 2016- 2017 were reviewed. ESPN found that about 28 percent of the venues, half or more of the food service outlets had a high-level violation-- poses a potential threat for foodborne illness.

In the Philadelphia area, the Wells Fargo Center, Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park were all reviewed.

ESPN says Citizens Bank Park was ranked among the worst of the three in Philly, with a 64 ranking.

The report found the following at The Bank:

  • Inspectors witnessed food being prepared on top of a trash receptacle on April 11, 2017. The food was discarded.
  • Employee food, beverages and belongings mingled with food items at a concession stand on April 2, 2016, presenting the potential for contamination.
  • At another concession stand on April 2, 2016, there was "pink slime" in the ice maker and hair in an ice bin, as well as mouse droppings on the floor of a cooler where pizzas were stored.

Lincoln Financial Field was ranked 54th.

The report found the following at the Linc:

  • Dairy products in the owner's suite measured 53 degrees, when they should have been held at 41 degrees or less to prevent spoiling, during an Oct. 21, 2016, inspection.
  • Inspectors found mouse feces on the floor and at wall junctures in a dry storage area on Aug. 24, 2017, and noted that exterior openings did not prevent rodents or insects from entering the concession.
  • Inspectors found mouse feces behind a beer cooler in the service area and behind the ice machine in the food prep area at a concession on Oct. 23, 2016.

The Wells Fargo Center was ranked 48th.

The report found the following at Wells Fargo Center:

  • Inspectors saw fruit flies in the front serving prep area of a concession on April 29, 2016..
  • Inspectors found mouse droppings in a concession storage area on May 3, 2016.
  • Inspectors saw raw animal food stored above ready-to-eat food in a cooler on Nov. 9, 2017. The ready-to-eat food was thrown out because of possible contamination.

Aramark, the food supplier for the three Philadelphia stadiums, responded to the ESPN report, releasing this statement to CBS Philly:

"Food safety is a top priority and fundamental to our business. In addition to working closely with local health departments, our commitment spans a comprehensive approach to training, briefing staff before every event, certified food safety coordinators on-site, regular and frequent audits and quality assurance assessments, and engaging independent auditors to evaluate our practices for an increased level of rigor. Any items noted during an inspection are quickly addressed and corrected. Our industry leading processes and practices ensure the food we serve is great-tasting, high-quality and safe, and we hold ourselves accountable for providing this vital assurance to our customers and consumers."

The Spectrum Center, home of the Charlotte Hornets, was among the worst on the list, according to ESPN.

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