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Report: Gambling Site Refunding Money Bet On Packers Monday Night Game

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – "It's the right thing to do," online gambling site is telling people who bet on the Packers in last night's Monday Night Football game, who will now be getting their money back.

The Packers vs. Seahawks game ended with a controversial call that awarded the Seahawks a touchdown and a win over favored Green Bay. Replay showed Seattle receiver Golden Tate knock a Packers defender down, then put his hands on the ball after it had been intercepted by the Packers. The replacement referees ruled that the possession of the ball was shared, and that the ball would be awarded to the Seahawks.

It was another mistake by the replacement officials, and another black mark for Roger Goodell and the NFL.

If the ruling had gone the other way, the Packers would have covered the three point spread, and won money for people who bet on the Packers. Instead, the Seattle touchdown gave the Seahawks a win in the game, and a win for bettors.

"It's the right thing to do, we've refunded your Packers bet," is what wrote, as pointed out by NESN and Glen McGregor of the Ottawa Sun. McGregor later noted that the email sent noted that Canadian gamblers would receive a refund, but did not make note of whether the same deal applies to United States gamblers.

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