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Report: Delaware In Top 10 Of Beer Selling States

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is a surprising find for sure. Delaware, not sure Pennsylvania nor New Jersey, is in the top 10 of states that sold the most beer in 2011.

According to the Beer Institute, Delaware residents consumed 34.3 gallons of beer in 2011, good for #10 on the list of top selling beer states in the country.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey did not even crack the top 10.

According to the report from the Beer Institute, Delaware is among the top 15 in the country for both binge drinking and heavy drinking.

In addition, the Beer Institute also said that beer consumption fell for a third straight year in 2011. Have no fear though, the Beer Institute says Americans still consumed 6.3 billion gallons of beer in 2011.

The top three beer selling states according to the Beer Institute? New Hampshire, North Dakota followed by Montana. To see the full list from the Beer Institute, click here.

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