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Ed Rendell: Presidential Electors Should Be Constitutionally Bound

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell rejected the possibility that the presidential electors choose someone other than Donald Trump when they meet later this month for formally select the next president.

Rendell told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that a constitutional amendment is needed to bind electors to the winners of their state.


"We should change the Constitution, at least, if in no other way, we should change it to say that electors who are Republican electors, electors who are Democratic electors, we should mandate that they vote for the person who wins their state. In 28 states, they are mandated to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their state, but there are states like Pennsylvania where they're not, but we should change that. It's ludicrous to think that an elector could go against the will of the people."

Federal Judge Schedules Hearing On Presidential Election Recount In PA

He also said it's time to stop the recount efforts underway in three states and look forward because the alternative would do more harm than good.

"Can you just imagine for a second, imagine that there was something wrong with the vote tally, and Hillary Clinton picked enough votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania to win those states and change the electoral college outcome, can you imagine what would happen in the country at this point? To do it at this late date? It would be awful to think about. Just awful to think about."

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