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Ed Rendell: Clinton Campaign Should Be Worried About Overconfidence

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell expressed fear that supporters of Hillary Clinton may not show up at the polls on election day because they believe the former Secretary of State has a large enough polling lead that their vote no longer matters.

Rendell told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that both candidate's bases will turn out but that Clinton should be nervous about some of her more overconfident voters choosing to stay home rather than show up at the polls.

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"Not the Hillary Clinton real fans, all the women, etc. They're getting out just like the Donald Trump fanatics are getting out. But if you're an African American voter and you like Hillary, because you've always liked the Clintons but it's not Barack Obama and you read that Hillary has got Pennsylvania locked up. The Inquirer said that the Trump team has conceded Pennsylvania. You read that and you say, well, she's going to win anyway, what do I need to stand in line for an hour? If I were the Clinton team, I would be desperately worried about that type of talk. Desperately worried."

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