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Rehoboth Beach Salty Paws Ice Cream Shop Becoming Popular Stop For Dog Owners

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. (CBS) -- There's always a moment when you want to take a break from the waves and hit the boardwalk for a cool treat. There is a unique shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, that offers flavors your fur-babies can't find anywhere else.

"I would say peanut butter ice cream with dehydrated chicken topping or dehydrated liver topping has been pretty popular," owner Suzanne Tretowicz said.

You could get yogurt, coconut and cranberry but why not try chicken, lamb, and liver toppings on your bowl of ice cream? That's what you keep in stock when your clientele targets dogs.

Salty Paws is the ice cream shop and bakery of your dog's dreams.

"Dehydrated tripe, singe protein, no chemical additives, just doggie doggie," Tretowicz said.

Dolle's Candy Is The Flavor Of Summer In Rehoboth Beach

Grab your dog a treat in a bowl or cone that's lactose-free, made with goat's milk or yogurt.

An idea that Tretowicz says was a no brainer in Rehoboth Beach.

"For years, we've watched the dogs eating ice cream on the boardwalk and not the healthy alternative," Tretowicz said.

"When we saw it, I thought that's a great idea," a customer said. "Because we always want to take her for ice cream but we feel like our ice cream isn't great for her to eat. So, it's awesome."

After all, Koda is turning 7 years old and a birthday needs celebrating.

koda ice cream
(Credit: CBS3)

"We had to bring her in to get a little ice cream treat," a customer said. "It was a great way to start her birthday morning."

In one year alone, Salty Paws has become wildly popular.

It doesn't hurt being boosted by some Instagram famous dogs who have tens of thousands of followers.

"It's a destination location," Tretowicz said. "They like to bring their whole family. They like to put it on Instagram and Facebook. We've had dogs from New York City, dogs from Miami Beach, we even had one come with a professional photographer."

And the ice cream shop is so popular here, you can even buy this mix and make it at home.

For example, Koda had vanilla topped with sweet potato fries.

Soon, you won't have to travel to Delaware to get it. In the fall, Salty Paws is opening a location in Kennett Square.

The business is also approved to franchise nationwide and new ice cream flavors are always in the works.

"We have a liver ice cream, a bacon ice cream due to popular demand," Tretowicz said.

Don't forget the doggie donuts and happy meals either.

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