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PA Redistricting Deadline Looms, Agreement Seems Unlikely

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- It appears the final hours before Thursday's state Supreme Court-imposed deadline on new borders for Congressional districts will be anti-climactic as both Wolf and the legislature appear to be dug in on their positions.

On Tuesday, Governor Tom Wolf rejected a proposed district map produced by the top Republicans in both the state's House and Senate.

Legislative Republicans responded to the governor's rejection saying they couldn't produce another map before Thursday's deadline unless Wolf produces his own map or gives them specifics.

The governor countered the legislators Wednesday by indicating that he had already complied with the Supreme Court's order.

"I've already done what the court has asked me to do in terms of judging and serving as the arbiter of whether the map that I got was fair," he said. "I decided that it was not."

Drew Crompton, counsel to the Senate's top Republican Joe Scarnati, said "If we don't get any detailed suggestions from them, I think we will drift 'till 5 o'clock."

Without an agreement, the Supreme Court has said it will impose its own map, and legislative GOP leaders say if that happens they will go to federal court.

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