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Meet Philadelphia's New Nighttime Economy Director Who Wants To See 'City Thrive Like There's No Tomorrow'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Residents in the city have been very open, saying they're afraid to go out after dark because of the violence or they're tense when riding SEPTA. One man wants to hear more of those concerns and wants all of the city residents to feel comfortable again and to enjoy what it has to offer at night.

Philly, meet Raheem Manning.

"I have been in West Philly all my life," Manning said.

Manning is the city's first nighttime economy director and he's focused on how the city can thrive after 5 p.m.

"Basically be a liaison," Manning said, "and be an advocate for businesses that primarily operate after 5."

Manning owns his own travel and events company called the Weekender Experiences. This allowed him to travel the world. He's bringing those experiences right back home.

"I have a little bit of purview of nightlife of cities that are doing it right and cities that could be doing it better," Manning said.

Manning's job stretches far beyond nightlife. He is talking about the whole nighttime economy, everything from businesses that open late, commuters and night shift workers.

He hopes to connect them with different city resources.

"The approach I am taking is safety, diversity and inclusion and innovation," Manning said. "We want to make the city a 24-hour tourism destination."

Manning says he knows he has a lot on his plate, but he is up for the challenge to make Philadelphia globally competitive.

"I am a proud Philadelphian. I am from here, I want to see the city thrive like there's no tomorrow and I'm excited to be in the position to help businesses thrive."

Manning will be heading on a listening tour that will be kicking off in the fall. He will find out what businesses and people need and bring that plan to City Hall.

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