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Quinn: Foles Is A Game Manager, Nothing More, Nothing Less

By Vince Quinn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Following a statistically incredible 2013 and with a full off-season as the starter Nick Foles was supposedly primed to break out. Instead, Foles' chance to shine has removed some of his luster and we are left with what only the eye test could confirm last season. Nick Foles is a game-managing system quarterback. Nothing more, nothing less.

Depending on how you want to look at it, it could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Old school NFL tradition considers game managers and system quarterbacks to be dirty labels—the kind of language that isn't suitable for the likes of Lambeau Field. It means, simply, that your quarterback cannot play because he is by default not elite. This is wrong.

Game managers are like Starbucks. If you pay attention you'll realize just how ever-present and truly successful they are. What game managers do is allow the construction of a complete team. When a franchise doesn't have to overpay an elite quarterback that money tends to show up in more practical places. For example, keeping a young right guard from free agency with a fair market contract or shelling out a few extra dollars to win a bidding war with a division rival. These moves may not be sexy, but they do help teams win a Super Bowl and more teams have won Super Bowls with a game manager than you think.

LISTEN: The Sports Beyond Measure crew debates Nick Foles' value:


A perfect example? Look no further than this week's quarterback: Eli Manning.

Yes, for the majority of his career Eli Manning was a game manager. When you go back and look at the 2007 Giants team you notice a few things. Their offensive line was strong, they had a rotation of solid running backs, and the defensive line was phenomenal. Eli was by no means the major part of the equation. In fact, they had a run pass split of roughly 46/54. All Eli had to do was make a few plays and not turn the ball over.

Sounds like the expectations for Nick Foles, no?

Hand the ball off to Shady, complete some screens, and protect the football. It's exactly what he did on his way to 2,891 yards 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptionss and it's what he's been doing the first five games of this year. Foles will live and die with the system and we're along for the ride.

Welcome to life with a game manager.

Vincent Quinn is a contributing sports blogger for CBS Philly, and a host on CBSPhilly's Sports Beyond Measure podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @ItsVinceQuinn.

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