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Questions Swirling Around Sexting Scandal At South Jersey High School

By Cleve Bryan

LOWER TOWNSHIP, NJ (CBS) - A stern warning from superintendent Christopher Kobik after police announced Tuesday criminal charges against 20 male students at Lower Cape May Regional for circulating nude photos of female students.

"It is a big deal because it's against the law, just don't go there," says Kobik.

The students, including one who is considered an adult, are being charged with invasion of privacy which is a third degree offense.

Cape May County Prosecutor Bob Taylor says it was his office's discretion not to pursue child pornography charges – but there are still serious consequences.

The underage suspects could face time in juvenile detention and the adult up to five years in prison.

There are also the social consequences, especially for the girls who may have provided the photos.

'Once these photos get out on the internet, they're there forever so they're not going to go away," says Taylor.

School officials are working with police to see if anymore nude photos of students are circulating and so far no suspensions.

"I don't really understand the behavior but at the same time we're doing everything we can to make sure we get the right message that it's harmful for them and besides it's against the law," says Kobik.

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