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Pups Go To The Office On 'Take Your Dog To Work Day'

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Today is the 16th annual "Take Your Dog to Work Day", taking place at businesses worldwide, including here in Philadelphia.

Nicolas Miller is the logistics coordinator for bicycle company Advanced Sports International, headquartered in Northeast Philadelphia, with 50 employees. His dog Tegan, a black lab-Weimaraner mix goes to the office with him often -- not just on Take Your Dog to Work Day.

"I definitely think it promotes pet ownership. Definitely promotes, I guess, ways to relieve stress in the workplace. I definitely have employees that love to stop in the office and see my dog day-to-day, you know, kind of a break from the office and staring at your computer all day."

Nicolas also brings in some of the dogs from a local Australian cattle dog rescue where he volunteers.

"Everybody here knows I'm the dog guy since I'm always bringing in different dogs".

Daisey the pit bull is one of the dogs going to the office today. Lou Perseghin, Account Director at Chatterblast Media, a digital marketing and digital voice agency in Center City, often brings his dog to work not just for take your dog to work day.

"Some folks in the office enjoy seeing her enjoy the kind of a different feeling you get when an animal is around. There is always a little bit more of a relaxed atmosphere".

North Carolina based Pet Sitters International started Take Your Dog to Work Day to celebrate dogs and promote animal adoptions.

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