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Pumpkin Beer Is Back On Tap

By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- With the arrival of autumn comes a new variety of craft beers. But more importantly, pumpkin beer is back on tap!

For purists, drinking a pumpkin ale in the summer is heresy. But apparently, they are in the minority.

"We've been seeing pumpkin ales coming out earlier and earlier, and I think that's the demand of the people," said Warren Sewell, General Manager of Iron Hill Brewpub in Maple Shade, New Jersey.

He'll be rolling out his tavern's version of pumpkin ale this coming weekend, way early for Iron Hill.

"We actually release our pumpkin ales around the last Saturday in September," he said, "but because demand has gotten so great for these beers we've moved it up to the Saturday right after Labor Day, so almost a full month earlier."

Another reason for the early arrivals is the short season. Pumpkin ales will disappear in late November to make room for Winter beers.

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