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Public Gives Name to Philadelphia Zoo's Newest Addition

The Philadelphia Zoo is announcing the name of its new baby giraffe, which was born on July 17th.

KYW's Karin Phillips reports that the new baby giraffe's name is Abigail or Abby.

Betsy Karkowski, lead keeper of the African Plains section of the Philadelphia Zoo, says the public had a list of names from within her own family:

"I asked my daughter to help me choose the names that would be on the contest. So the names she chose were her name, which is Abigail, and her grandmothers' names. So my mother's name is Patricia and my mother-in-law's name was Shari."

Abby is the first giraffe calf born at the zoo in 13 years. Abby will be on display this Labor Day weekend, but only from about 10am to 3pm each day, because she needs her baby rest.

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