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PSPCA Offering Free Pet Pantry Program For Owners Facing Economic Hardship

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Pennsylvania SPCA reminds those going through hard financial times that there is a free pet pantry program available to help keep cats and dog out of the shelters and remain a part of their family.

Pet food, cat litter and other supplies are costly and the PSPCA in Hunting Park has a program where such items would be given to pet owners facing economic hardship.

"That people can pick up free of charge," said spokeswoman Wendy Marano. "Call our shelter or stop in. It's run through our adoptions center so they could come back to the adoption center or call us at the adoption center explain the situation and then our councilors will access the situation where the owners can come in and pick up what they need."

She says the pets are required to be spayed or neutered so the animals will not reproduce.

"If they are not spayed or neutered, we do have low cost programs that they can do."

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